The Increasing Popularity of Social Media Marketing

Why should you use social media marketing?   

Many more of today’s profitable entrepreneurs have been around for years, long before modern was a viable option for product marketing. Billboards, TV commercials, radio and print adverts have all been tremendously successful, but they will not have the same impact in today’s market.

Many people no longer look in the newspaper for movie times; instead, they go to websites. Many people would no longer handwrite letters; instead, they draft emails electronically.

Anyone born after 1980 can easily see the growing popularity of social networks, and it doesn’t take a genius to predict the route in which our world’s social media market will continue to grow. People aged 20 to 29 use social media more than any other age group, with 41% spending 11 hours or more per week on social media sites.

The next most frequent social media user group is those aged 30 to 39, with 37% spending 11+ hours per week on social media sites. While the younger people on these media websites are more concerned with social status, the older age groups are concerned with marketing and advertising.

Social media is the quickest increasing marketing tool, and any company that does not capitalize on its numerous capabilities may be at a competitive disadvantage. Waiting and failing to take advantage of this rapidly expanding marketing tool is a missed opportunity for businesses.

To keep up with the competition, businesses and marketing campaigns must constantly evolve. So, why wouldn’t someone get involved in social marketing right away?

It can’t be money because the majority of these networks are free. It can’t be lack of experience, because anyone can consider outsourcing their social marketing for dirt cheap. The majority of people simply do not understand. They have no idea what it is or what it is capable of. Most notably, they are oblivious of the strong economic growth that could affect their company.

Simply put, social media advertising is the effort to telecast different types of media via social networking technologies. Some of the benefits of social media include additional exposure, enhanced lead generation, the formation of new partnering, increased traffic, and lower marketing costs. On average, 88 percent of marketers who use social media report associated with exposure for their company.

Almost half of those who used social media marketing tactics for 12 months or less reported gaining new partnerships. Users who spent 6 hours or less per week saw an increase in lead generation, and 58 percent of small business owners who used digital marketing were more likely to see a reduction in marketing costs.

The internet is bringing to this world previously unimaginable products, capabilities, and tools. Social media marketing allows you to potentially reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. It is the obligation of today’s entrepreneurs to concentrate on the long-term of each market and where it is headed.

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