What is a simple, yet effective way of marketing for small business growth?

Every single small business that is spread across the world, has the same thing in mind, becoming successful. In order to have substantial growth, the business needs a good marketing source, but on a friendly budget.

If you are curious on how to use simple marketing tactics from a social media platform to grow your business, then tune in for some simple statistics that may help you with your small business marketing needs.


Facebook? How can a free social media application be the solution to business growth? Don’t billions of people use this platform already for promotional ideas?

That’s right. Facebook is home to billions of users, who are accessing the app on a daily basis. If you post on Facebook, you have the opportunity to reach an extremely large number of people, from all over the world.

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I understand not every small business needs to reach people from all over the world, but there’s no question, having that ability would definitely boost sales.

Depending on what product or service the business offers, global reach could be extremely beneficial. With all of the third party accessibility through Facebook, reaching different regions of the world is not a long stretch by any means.

Facebook advertisements allow the user to target specific demographics and even psychographics. On top of the broad range of accessibility, the ads have the ability to become boosted for a small charge. These analytics can guarantee a bigger target reach, which relates to more post engagements. The more engagements, the more promotion for the business.

I’m not saying that your company is going to become more profitable right away from posting. However, with persistence and consistency, there will be a an influx of viewers and consumers of the product or service.


Here’s a quick synopsis on how to use Facebook Ads, from a credible source.

There are hundreds of options for marketing tactics. Facebook is the most reasonably priced, viable options for small businesses that want a change.

With there being over 2 million small business Facebook users utilizing Facebook ads, there is no question it must be working. Don’t hesitate to give it a try. This could be the solution you have been waiting for.

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