How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Social Media Marketing Errors

Here are some of the most common mistakes that new marketers make when seeking to build and enact a social media marketing strategy:

  • I’ll figure it out as I go- Going into a social media marketing campaign without a plan is the biggest time waster. Take the time to learn about social networking sites. Not all websites are intended for commercial use. Also, once you’ve learned a site, learn all of its benefits. Correcting mistakes takes a long time, which leads to many business owners abandoning their plan and abandoning the strategy. Instead, learn the fundamentals of setting up these sites, understand the various options, and spend your time engaging rather than troubleshooting. There are excellent online educational programs available to teach business owners how to develop and implement a social media marketing strategy.


  • Let’s add 100 sites in one day– It’s tempting to open accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube all at once. The disadvantage of this strategy is that if you grow too quickly, you won’t be able to take advantage of all of the benefits of each site. The best approach is to create a single site, such as Facebook, learn the details, and then implement it properly.

Create a Fan page, join groups, attend events, and interact with others. If you start 12 things at once, you won’t be as active, and your lack of participation may undermine your overall goal. It is preferable to have one or two ensuring that the required social networking sites rather than one hundred badly constructed and overlooked platforms.


  • Profiles don’t matter– Social media users will not interact with people who do not have complete profiles. Given the popularity of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, many people will find you before they find your website. They will most likely ignore you if they find your site and you only have a picture of your logo, no picture, or very little personal information. Because your profile is your first impression, be creative, thorough, and, most importantly, personable.


  • Here’s the pitch– This is the most common major hurdle for most new marketers. They feel compelled to publicize their message to the people once they have an audience. This form of media is a big mistake, and if you try it on social media, you will be ignored. Traditional one-way marketing practices are becoming extinct, and attempting to replicate these ineffectual techniques on a new medium will produce the same failed results.

Rather than selling your product, educate the public and set up oneself as an expert on the subject in which you work. For example, if you are a Realtor, rather than promoting yourself and your website, educate homeowners on how to sell a house on their own. In reality, only a tiny proportion of people will take action based on do-it-yourself content. You will be an authority on the topic if you provide valuable information. When the audience is prepared to sell his or her home, they will most likely contact you.

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