Do You Require a Mobile E-Commerce App for Your Business?

Nowadays, it is common practice to discuss eCommerce mobile applications as a given for every organization. Sympathizers discuss a well-known fact: the number of mobile Internet users is increasing year after year. Typically, this is where the debates conclude. Let’s look at if your company actually needs a mobile app and how it may help you generate money.

How COVID influenced consumer behavior

When discussing the need for an eCommerce mobile app for your business in today’s realities, it is difficult to ignore the coronavirus. After all, this event has had a significant impact on customer sentiment in recent years. It appears like you are sitting at home with nothing to do.


Many people in such situations would buy superfluous items indiscriminately, if only out of boredom. However, data reveals that, while online orders have increased significantly, these have tended to be for necessary supplies. Food, medication, and personal hygiene products (we all remember how customers in various parts of the world hunted for pasta and toilet paper).

According to Numerator study conducted in the United States, by 2021, 79 percent of respondents had reduced or totally discontinued their visits to public venues such as pubs and restaurants. In recent years, cooking at home has become a more prevalent routine in American life.

At the same time, the number of internet purchases jumped by 55% during the coronavirus outbreak. Opinions “yes” and “no” were slightly more visible (28 percent and 22 percent, respectively) on whether respondents would return to the practice of shopping at offline retailers after the pandemic was over.


The advantages that a mobile app for eCommerce provides to businesses       

In 2020, their profit climbed more than twice as much as it did in 2016. (from 218 to 582 million). Growth is predicted to reach 935 million by 2023. While the majority of these applications are gaming-related, TikTok, YouTube, and Tinder are the top non-gaming app producers in terms of income.


Among the advantages:

  • Increasing conversion and sales (one-click touch, the concentration of useful information, push notifications, all this increases your chances of getting customers through the eCommerce app, the main thing is to stimulate the user to download it)
  • Personalizing shopping history (inform the user about current discounts, notify him of the availability of the goods he wanted – customers appreciate this concern)
  • One more direct communication channel (another tool for collecting analytics and personalized selection of goods and services)
  • Gathering and analyzing data (having correctly collected the necessary statistics, you will know from the start of the business what exactly to offer your target audience)
  • Using the benefits of integration (the so-called contactless marketing concept – when you are invited to go to the store if you are nearby)
  • Adding faster and safer payments (many buyers will go to competitors, even if there is a higher price if there are no diversified, convenient, and secure payment methods)

Synergizing with the device hardware (voice search in the catalog, search for the nearest points of sale via GPS, QR codes, and other features that cannot work in the mobile version of the site).

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