How can a mobile app benefit small businesses?

The world is becoming more innovative every day. Along with updated technology, comes different marketing and advertising tactics for all business sizes. Small businesses tend to have¬† “old school” marketing strategies and fail to see the opportunity of mobile applications. Face-to-face or word-of-mouth advertising works to an extent, but there is so much more room for advancement on the technological side.

5 Benefits of mobile applications 

  • Mobile Apps are very user friendly

Applications can be downloaded on any cellular device, which makes it a great option for any order/purchase when you’re on the go. With apps being 1.5 times faster than mobile websites, it makes it very accessible for anyone in a rush. Because people are on the road or away from their computer, applications on cellphones are being used multiple times per day, per user.¬† With a simple push of a button, the applications can allow a user to make a purchase or set an appointment, which saves people a lot of time and stress. If an app becomes to complex for the user to access, it will fail.

  • Creative Layout

Mobile users love having personalized content for a great application experience. An application allows the user to choose personalized options from the beginning. The app can observe the users behavior and alter custom updates to fit their needs. The most important part of the application, is keeping the interest of the user. The unique layout, is sure to keep their attention. Popular choices from the users within the app allows the business to follow trends and alter their layout accordingly. This marketing approach can lead to higher conversion rates and better retention from customers.

  • Loyalty Programs

Mobile applications are advanced enough to have built in customer loyalty plans. This program can offer rewards and incentives for residual customers. The business can choose the level of rewards, which can be accessed directly through the app. Not only is the customer rewarded, the business gains consistent business from reoccurring customers. For example, if a loyal customer buys 10 pizzas from a pizza place, the reward could be a free pizza. Both sides become happy!

  • Mobile Updates

Any promotion or sale the business is offering can be sent directly to the user through a push notification on the app. The user does not have to open the app to receive the notification. With consistent notifications, users can stay updated on everything that is happening with the small business. The more you see the company name pop up on your phone, the better brand recognition and visibility is created.

  • Cost Reduction

The cost of other advertising and marketing expenses go way down because of the versatility of the in-app abilities. Social channels can be built into the app which allows users to cover a broad line across the internet. Any time a business can save money and increase sales from one media outlet, they should take advantage. Investing money in app, is investing in a solution or an asset.


Small businesses with under 100 employees make up 98% of the employer firms in the United States. To say mobile applications wouldn’t make a huge impact in sales within the business would be a mistake. Mobile apps are the future. As a society, we are on the go and working from remote locations where the only access we have is from our cellphones. Phones are advanced enough to handle any transaction we need. Any small business will strive with a well made app.

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Mobile applications are the beginning of a new chapter in the marketing industry for small businesses. Don’t wait, invest in a solution to your problems sooner than later.

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