10 Ways Mobile Apps Can Boost Your Sales

Within the marketing industry, there are multiple ways to market a product or service. Mobile applications have the ability to boost sales over 100% in a year. That is an extremely high percentage to some people, but with everyone transitioning to smart phones, we all have access to mobile apps.


Mobile apps can be much faster than other marketing options. With fast speeds, comes happy customers. Businesses rely on fast speeds in order for them to beat their competitors. People tend to lean towards services that are faster. There is no bringing up a web browser and typing a web url. It’s as simple as opening up the app and accessing any of the content you need.

Mobile apps are usually 1.5 time faster than a mobile website, which is a drastic difference.


The Mobile App can be personalized or tailored to the users exact preferences. The most important thing with mobile apps is that the user thinks it looks clean and sleek. People love personalized applications so they can feel more comfortable. The owner of the App is able to give the customer customization preferences as well.

Quicker Access

There is no quicker way to market a product or service than through a mobile app. You don’t even have to be online to access the app. Meaning, you do not need any internet service to access a lot of mobile apps. Which is a huge plus for people who travel a lot or cannot have access to internet. Most of the basic content and functionality of the app can be done with no internet connection.

Not to mention, no one has time to pull up a web browser and search for a website, why not just have the app and utilize it to save time. Customers love to save some time!

Mobile Features

There are hundreds of different features you can use within a mobile app. Some of the most popular are geofencing and QR code scanning. Geofencing will automatically send notifications and updates to customers who have the app downloaded when they are within a geographical region of the company who owns the app. This can be very beneficial for increasing the traffic of loyal customers who have the app. QR and Bar codes can be scanned directly from the mobile app at the location of the business. Within these codes can be many different loyalty programs or coupon offers.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an example of geofencing. The notification will pop up like a text message for the app user. They don’t have to have the application open for the notification to come, which is very important. People tend to forget that they have an app downloaded, which is why it is essential to have push notifications.

Instant updates can also give the user a time-frame of store offers or deals. These updates are also important so the customer can stay aware of the most recent and best deals.


With today’s technology, mobile apps have the potential to look very nice. The Mobile application becomes a brand ambassador for the company. It is extremely easy to make your app brand friendly. The creator can change the color or version of the app whenever they want and within a strict time frame. Finding the app in your cellphone is much easier when the icon represents the brand of the company as well.

Time Friendly

By saving a lot of time with not having to deal with web development and design, mobile apps can be very cost efficient as well as time friendly. Having all the content you need on a readily basis saves productivity time. Direct communication with your audience is an added benefit to timeliness, as well. You can also link in additional social media platforms to increase your social presence, expanding your customer reach even greater without the added time that is required in alternative forms of communication and marketing.


Unique mobile-app interfaces allow for efficient user experiences. Whether it be sharing a piece of content with a friend or using a ‘one-click’ purchase button, sales will be increased significantly because the user is being interactive with the company. The app will have direct links to phone numbers, addresses and a URL for access to a live audience if needed.

SEO Advantages

You can optimize the application on different app stores to rank the app on a high standard and include metrics that will guarantee SEO success to reach the most amount of customers. The app can be altered to fit Google’s expectations, which builds a very respectable credibility point. If your app is one of the first to pop-up when someone searches a topic, they will want to check it out.


People love trends! Mobile apps are taking of over the mobile device internet system. Many companies, large and small are relying on their mobile app to keep customers interested. The app can be customized on a daily basis to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Remember, users are beginning to spend more and more time on mobile apps, it is definitely worth a small investment for a huge return in sales. Users can make purchases directly through the app, which will absolutely increase sales from a large perspective. Get ahead of your competitor with an updated mobile app with tons of features to keep your customers happy.

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