Five SEO Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore in 2022

If there is one quality that distinguishes SEO professionals, it is resilience. Google’s algorithm is continually changing, rendering months-long efforts ineffective once their new ranking variables move.

Is SEO still significant in the year 2022 (or 2022)? Absolutely. It’s become more complex, its focus has shifted (from keyword stuffing to user intent), and ranking in Google SERPs has become more difficult. But it’s unmistakably here to stay.
So let’s take a large dive into the five most critical SEO themes that you’ll need to gain a leg up on.

Trend #1: Algorithms are a major trend. Goodbye, BERT, and hello, MUM.
With the introduction of BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) in 2019, Google’s algorithm grew better at comprehending the link between words and the purpose behind a search query.
BERT was a novel method that enabled Google to service users of voice assistants. People were voicing their search queries rather than entering them. People’s communication styles have become much more conversational and fluid, thus Google needed to change its algorithm suitably with the aid of NLP and AI technology.

Trend #2: Google Wants to Talk to You, LaMDA
I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about voice search and the necessity of optimizing for user inquiries when it comes to SEO trends. Google has just recently begun to modify its algorithm to accommodate the latest voice-based technology; now, it wants to be able to converse with you.
(And, no, Google’s ambitions do not involve scary talking robots just yet.)
Google also debuted LaMDA during the Google I/O conference (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). LaMDA, as the name implies, is a machine-learning model built on Transformer, Google’s proprietary neural network architecture.

Trend #3: Google Takes Online Shopping Seriously, According to the Shopping Graph
During the COVID-19 epidemic, customers had little choice but to purchase online. Unsurprisingly, Shopify’s financial performance exceeded everyone’s expectations, while Amazon performed similarly.
Until recently, Google’s online purchasing capabilities were limited. Their Shopping search engine has been there for a while, but it was never as popular as Shopify or Amazon. Google now appears to have taken online buying seriously.

Trend #4: Passage Ranking: What If You Can’t Rank an Entire Page? Then choose an excerpt to rank.
Since the inception of search engines, the most coveted aim of any SEO professional has been to rank their page number one for every search query. Obtaining this achievement has recently gotten more difficult due to the newer “zero-rank” position and the increasing amount of snippets contending for the top place.
Fortunately, Google has devised a solution for disgruntled SEO practitioners who still want to rank high in search engine results.

Trend #5: Clips Suggestions: Optimize Your Videos to Create Key Moments
We’ve gone into great detail on the value of video marketing for visitor acquisition and lead generation, which is another recent SEO trend. However, current developments have given video marketing a whole new meaning that will benefit your SEO approach.

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