3 Types of Content Marketing

One of the main elements that our company, Apps Web Social, strides to provide for our clients is targeted content marketing. Through targeted content marketing, we identify customers and promote products and services via mediums that are most likely to reach those potential customers. This can be achieved through interaction via mobile app, website, and social media – three things our company provides.

While there are many types of content marketing, three of the most popular types include inbound, thought leadership, and strategic gated. Learn more about each of these methods right now.

Inbound Content Marketing

The inbound marketing strategy is the most effective and powerful way of maintaining customers for your business. There are three parts of the inbound marketing strategy: Attract, Engage, and Delight.

As an entrepreneur, your goal is to attract the right customers to your brand. Next, you must engage with them – maintain conversation and create a lasting relationship. With your services, you strive to delight your customer by providing them the content they desire and expect from your company.

Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Thought leaders are important to have in any business. They are people thoroughly educated on your brand, able to provide expertise and informed opinions throughout the entire process of your company’s development. These people can consistently answer questions asked by customers, and formate them in a way that is pleasant for them to consume.

Thought leaders are essential to help your company endure on social media, as their deep knowledge about your company will help you not only maintain a good standing with customers, but help you to maintain relevance as your company evolves.

Strategic Gated Content Marketing

Gated content is information that your customer can only receive after they have provided some time of their personal information – e.g. email address. The gated content provided to them is often content upgrades or email series. By establishing this early connection with your customer, you are more likely to maintain them as a consumer.

Through these content marketing strategies, your company is en route to its maximum potential to gain and maintain consumership.

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