Is Videography the most appealing form of marketing?

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Videography is undoubtedly very appealing to the viewer. However, is it the most attracted form of marketing to the viewer?

This is a very debatable topic.

Videos continue to grow in popularity with the faster internet speeds and better picture quality. The biggest factor in videography, is the mobile accessibility to them. Every smart-phone now has a camera or the ability to watch videos.

Compared to other forms of marketing (Social media, Website, Mobile apps, print ads, etc.) Videography offers a hands-on experience. The product or service can be experienced visually and in motion, which viewers enjoy.

So why exactly are videos so popular?

  • They can be extremely easy to make and edit.
  • Viewers enjoy seeing a virtual representation of the product or service being marketed.
  • Videos can portray a message in a more timely manner.
  • A video can explain a scenario or demo easier than words or text.
  • Other marketing tactics can become saturated, with not enough visual effects.

All of these examples are great reasons for choosing videography for the main marketing source.

The big question is, can videos compete with the powerhouse, social media marketing? Considering most social media platforms are filled with different videos, they sort of tie hand-in-hand. The most encouraging news about video marketing, is that it will never go away. The internet is only advancing, and with technology upgrades comes better visual experiences.

Youtube is a great example. With over 5 billion video viewers a day, there is no question people enjoy watching videos. The idea of being able to comfortably watch a video is very appealing. As funny as it sounds, reading or looking at other marketing forms takes more work than turning on a video.

The graph above is a great example of how companies utilize resources for video production. It is quite obvious that small companies have potential to utilize marketing firms/agencies to help them with videography.

Not only do the high percentages speak for video popularity, but the price points do as well. The sheer revenue alone shows how popular videos can be for every size company.


It seems like there are a million forms of advertising and marketing tactics. Here are a few of the top competing promotional platforms.

  • Google/SEO
  • Facebook
  • Print media
  • Email

You can’t go wrong with any one of these tactics to grow a business. You just have to use the platforms correctly. For instance, you cannot saturate someone’s email box and expect better return results. You have to find an equilibrium for every form of marketing. Google, Social Media Marketing, Print Media, Email and Videos are all very appealing to the user.


A smart business owner will utilize many different forms of marketing to promote their company. The hardest part is delegating a budget for the solution, which brings me to the final reason why Videography is superior to its competition. Price.

For most companies, especially small, marketing budgets are very frugal. Videos are a great way for a company to spend a small amount of money for a huge return as a marketing investment. If the video is done well, it can be used for many years. With most videos ranging from $2,000-20,0000, it is very affordable. Also, there is usually never an annual fee or recurring payment with videos unlike other marketing services.


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